Heisuke Kitazawa or PCP

please contact me at pcp@mac.com for possible projects, comments, etc.

About me:

Heisuke Kitazawa works as freelance illustrator/designer. bases in Tokyo (Japan) and Los Angeles (US),
worked on various projects for companies like Nickelodeon (US), Aladdin (US) The Guardian (UK),
Honda(Japan), Kenzo Parfums (France). also, involved in numerous music projects for bands like
Her Space Holiday, Trespassers William, Grand Hallway,and Admiral Radley.

List of clients:
Nickelodeon (US)
Kenzo Parfums (France)
The Guardian newspaper (UK)
Aladdin-pmi (US)
Joie de Vivre group (US)
Roadrunner Records (US)
Nettwerk Records (Canada)
Atomica magazine (US)
Asian Educators Alliance (US)
Marmot (US)
Honda (Japan)
Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)
Nintendo (Japan)
Tokyu Agency (Japan)
Beams T (Japan)
Shueisha (Japan)
FM802 (Japan)
digmeout (Japan)
Kodansha (Japan)

Interviews and featured articles:

Dazed and Confused (US/Japan)
+81 (Japan)
Mdn (Japan)
digmeout (Japan)
rtr (Japan)
illustration book Pro (Japan)
dpi magazine (Taiwan)
Spare Magazine (Germany)
Xfuns magazine(China)
advanced photoshop magazine(UK) Katalogue (UK)
design taxi(China)
beautiful decay(US)
Giant Robot Magazine (US)
Swindle Magazine (US)

Art shows:

solo shows:
1999 My Bed Floats /exit gallery, fullerton/california
1999 My Bed Floats/east gallery, fullerton/california
2oo2 a girl named spark/TSU gallery, fullerton/california
2002 legacy show/gallery 23, costa mesa/california
2002 spark and legacy show /Kanda Coffee-en/Tokyo
2002 spark and legacy show/Design Festa gallery,/Tokyo
2002 rise and fall of the soul capture show/west gallery/california
2003 death to hype show/gallery maze/Tokyo
2005 New World Teleport show/digmeout gallery,Osaka
2006 Haunted by my reflection/OKOK gallery/Seattle
2006 We’re going to miss you/Giant Robot San Francisco/California
2007 Beliefs are portable/Otemachi Cafe/Tokyo, Japan
2009 …and it will rain all day/Pict Gallery/Osaka, Japan
2009…and it rained allday/GR2/Los Angeles, California
2011 while you were away/GR2/Los Angeles, California

group shows:
2001 E.VYA S Vale art show, long beach/california
2001 apple macworld show, calfornia, paris, etc.
2002 zucan market show/TSU gallery, fullerton/california
2002 fabric ate it/R.O.A.P. gallery, New York/New York
2002 nameless show/Anno Domini gallery, San Francisco/California
2003 dublab up our sleeve show/ rocket gallery/Tokyo
2004 fresh produce/anno domini gallery, San Francisco/California
2004 silent majority /giant robot:GR2, Los Angeles/California
2004 picture book show/Kawasaki Gallary/Kawasaki, Japan
2004 Giant Robot 10th/giant robot:GR2, Los Angeles/California
2004 FM802:digmeout in U.S./compound gallery, Portland/Oregon
2005 Art text book show/Setagaya Monodukuri gallary
2005 FM802:digmeout in U.S./compound gallery, Portland/Oregon
2005 Poketo art show/receiver gallery/ San Francisco, California
2005 FM802:digmeout in australia/black lab gallery/Australia
2005 New Jacked City/gallery Revel/ New York, New York
2006 GRSF 2nd anniversary show/GRSF/ San Francisco, California
2006 Fishmans THE LONG SEASON REWIND/ digmeout cafe/Osaka
2006 unicorn show/Gallery Nucleus/Alhambra, California
2006 Tree show 2/Giant Robot San Francisco/ California
2006 Heavenly Friends/St. Laurence University/New York
2006 Eyes On/Bund18 Creative Center/China
2006 Imaginary Space/Gallery Nucleus/Alhambra, California
2006 Print Show/Giant Robot San Francisco/California
2007 opening show/Limited Addiction Gallery/Denver, Colorado
2007 Katalogue show/Plais de Tokyo/Paris France
2007 Tree Show/Giant Robot San Francisco/California
2007 Wishful hinking /Project: gallery/Los Angeles, California
2007 Incidental Nature / GR2 / Los Angeles, California
2008 First Editions/ Poketo Studio / Los Angeles, California
2008 at the movies/Giant Robot San Francisco/California
2008 Tree show4/Giant Robot San Francisco/California
2008 Game Over/Giant Robot San Francisco/California
2008 way down in New Orleans/civilian art projects/New Orleans
2008 Whaless show/Padiglione Spadolini della Fortezza da Basso, Italy
2008 Katalogue show/Museum Oscar Niemeyer/Brazil

press articles

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